Chris McCahill

Transportation researcher, educator, and policy advisor

I’m currently the Managing Director at the State Smart Transportation Initiative, a network for state departments of transportation, operated by the University of Wisconsin and Smart Growth America.

I studied transportation engineering at the University of Connecticut (PhD, 2012) and worked briefly on transportation issues at the Congress for the New Urbanism in Chicago.

I live and bike in Madison, Wisconsin, where I serve on the City's Transportation Commission, on its Transportation Policy and Planning Board, and as the president of CNU-Wisconsin.

Map of parking in two cities

Parking research

I have studied the impacts of parking on urban development and travel behavior and I work with cities to develop modern parking policies.

My work appears in academic publications, including Parking and the City, and in not-so-academic settings like Nerd Nite Madison.

People walking and on bikes in city

Transportation practice

I work with transportation professionals across the U.S. to implement policies and standards that support safe and reliable urban accessibility.

My work leverages current research, modern analytics, and shared knowledge for sustainable, data-driven outcomes.

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