Partial CV


University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT

Ph.D., Civil and Environmental Engineering: Transportation (2012)

M.S., Civil and Environmental Engineering: Transportation (2008)

B.S.E., Civil and Environmental Engineering (2006)

Professional experience

State Smart Transportation Initiative, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Managing Director (2021-present)

Deputy Director (2018-2021)

Senior Associate (2013-2018)

Congress for the New Urbanism, Chicago, IL

Project Manager for Transportation Reform (2012-2013)

University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT

Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant (2006-2012)


Book chapters

  1. McCahill, C. (In print). Parking Regulation and Management. In J.A. e Silva, K. Currans, R. Schneider & V. Van Acker (Eds.), Handbook on Transportation and Land Use: Human-Centered Communities in an Age of Rapid Technological Change.

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Peer-reviewed journal articles

  1. Currans, K., Abou-Zeid, G., McCahill, C., Iroz-Elardo, N., Clifton, K., Handy, S., & Pindea, I. (2021). Households with Constrained Off-Street Parking Drive Fewer Miles. Transportation.

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Selected reports

  1. Contributor: Smart Growth America. (2022). Dangerous by Design.

  2. McCahill, C., Claros, B., Brenneis, M., Hughes, J. & Chitturi, M. (2022). Applications of Accessibility Analysis for Predicting Travel Outcomes Throughout the U.S. CTEDD 021-21.

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Last updated: November 2022